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The Alex Moulton Charitable Trust was founded by Dr. Alex Moulton in 1977.  Following Alex's death in December 2012, the remaining assets of the Moulton Estate passed to the Charitable Trust for safe-keeping, conservation and preservation.  Since then, a great deal of background work has been carried out to place the Trust and the Estate on an even keel.  The Trust are now undertaking in-depth studies into the optimal future use of the Estate and to secure its long-term future.


The Trust’s vision is to nurture and inspire future generations of innovating engineers and designers and to inform, excite and engage the community in the unique industrial legacy of the Moulton family of Bradford on Avon.


The work of the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust is supported by a select number of Patrons - all of whom had links with Alex Moulton and his life and works.

Please see our Patrons page for further details.


The Trust is run by a group of five Trustees.  All were well known to Alex Moulton and their business relationship with Alex is noted below. Four of these Trustees were appointed by Alex Moulton himself; the fifth was co-opted onto the Trust to fill competency requirements. They are (left to right):

Harry Hilliard - Accountant

Michael Young - Solicitor

Steve Missen - Financial Adviser

Richard Cook - Estate Manager

Henry Llewellyn - Land Agent

Steve Missen is the current Chair of the Board of Trustees.

working group

The small Alex Moulton Charitable Trust Working Group is the 'engine room' of the Trust's work.  We have a pool of dedicated experts to call on and hence membership of the Working Group is changeable dependent on current needs. The Working Group reports directly to the Board of Trustees.


The Charitable Trust is working with expert consultants to help to deliver the Trust's aims. 


During 2019 the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust will be looking to establish a small team of volunteers to help look after The Hall Estate and Alex Moulton’s legacy. Further details will follow but if you wish to register your interest, please contact us.

Alex Moulton Charitable Trust - Trustees & Consultants

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The Trustees of the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust