Moulton and The Hall during the First World War

Both Moulton’s company and family were severely tested during the First World War. As part of Bradford on Avon’s ‘Countdown to Peace’ programme, the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust opened up The Hall, Moulton’s family home.

Drawing from archive material and local knowledge, the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust will be gave six guided tours of The Hall to small groups.  There was also an illustrated talk on Wednesday 7th November on ‘Moulton and The Hall : The Great War.

Click here to read the Trust’s booklet on Moulton, The Hall and The Great War. 

There is the possibility that further events may take place - if so they will be announced here and on our twitter feed. Please contact us if you require any further information.

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life at the hall

As with most stately homes, domestic life was disturbed by straitened circumstances and by staff and servants being called up into the armed forces.

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Charles eric moulton

John Moulton’s youngest son, Charles Eric, gave up his education, training and lifestyle to serve King and Country.

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eric’s letters

Of great historical note are the series of letters than Eric wrote home to his mother. First from training camps and later from the trenches, these letters give a real insight into day-to-day life at the front and how humour and bonhomie kept spirits up in horrific circumstances.