Welcome to our News Page

This is our latest news page, our journal, or - if you will - our blog.  As we are sure that Alex Moulton would have disapproved of such slang, we'll use News / Journal as our title. 

The purpose of this page is three-fold - to bring you the latest news and updates from the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust, to give information on forthcoming events at The Hall and on The Hall Estate, and to publish a series of retrospective articles on the people and the history that made this such a significant and special place.  As time goes on we hope that these posts will form part of an informative reference library of all things Moulton.

As a starter, the illustration below shows Alex Moulton in an introspective mood outside The Hall before his trip to America in 1948.  At his feet lie samples of his newly patented Spencer-Moulton Flexitor units.  These rubber-in-torsion springs were to form of major part of Spencer-Moulton's (and, later, Avon Rubber's) output from the factories in Bradford on Avon.  In another post we'll look at how the Flexitor works, why it was developed and where it was - and still is - used.