The Italian Job - Outdoor Cinema Screening

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the iconic and inimitable Mini car, the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust are bringing the big screen to Bradford on Avon - and what better film to mark the occasion than the original ‘The Italian Job’.

Join us to celebrate this icon of design and the achievements of Dr Alex Moulton as we watch the Minis duck and dive on the big screen. Moulton, a close friend and engineering partner of Mini designer Sir Alec Issigonis, played a highly significant part in the development of the Mini, including the design of its innovative rubber suspension system that was key to its phenomenal success.

The screening will take place on 31st August 2019 in the grounds of The Hall, Bradford on Avon - right by Alex Moulton’s ‘Mini Garage’ where he kept his 1966 Mini Cooper S. Read more about Alex Moulton and the Mini here.

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