Visiting The Hall Estate

The Alex Moulton Charitable Trust is delighted to be launching a new series of tours of The Hall Estate (House and Grounds) this Summer - join us to explore one of Bradford-on-Avon's hidden gems and hear the fascinating stories of the Moulton family who lived and worked here.

The Hall Estate and The Hall itself are not generally open to the public.  Guided tours are available for small groups (up to 12 people), schools and colleges, by prior arrangement with The Alex Moulton Charitable Trust (contact us). A variety of events take place at The Hall Estate - keep up to date on our news page or follow us on Twitter @MoultonTrust. However, you don’t have to wait for an event in order to visit - get a small group of friends together and contact us to arrange a visit.

The work of the Moulton family is multi-faceted and as such we can tailor each tour to the specific field of interest. Subjects that we cover include Architectural History of The Hall Estate; Moulton, Goodyear and the Rubber Industry; The Moulton Bicycle; Moulton Automotive - Cone, Hydrolastic and Hydragas.  Others may prefer a general introduction. 

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moulton automotive suspension

Whilst the Spencer-Moulton rubber company were predominantly concerned with the supply of rubber mechanicals into railway companies around the world, Alex Moulton saw great potential for rubber suspension systems on automobiles.

The collaboration between Alex Moulton and Sir Alec Issigonis profoundly impacted on automotive design in the 1960s and most modern cars follow in their footsteps.

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In 1962, buoyed by the success of his rubber cone suspension on the BMC Mini, Alex Moulton launched the Moulton bicycle. With its small wheels and open frame, it was an instant hit and became an icon of the ‘swinging sixties’. In 1983 the Moulton was re-introduced as ‘the advanced engineering bicycle’ and is still manufactured on The Hall Estate in Bradford on Avon today. 

moulton and the rubber industry

Stephen Moulton travelled to England in 1841 with samples of Charles Goodyear's 'Improved Rubber'.  Moulton realised the significance of Goodyear's discovery of vulcanisation and eventually established a rubber factory in Bradford on Avon that became world famous for supplying rubber mechanicals - particularly for the rail industry - all around the world. .